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    I Am Always Late

    I Am Always Late

    Bet you know people who are always late. Be it a date, a party, or a business meeting. Why do some people always come late making us wait for them? You may be surprised to find out that the syndrome of being late is a serious psychological problem many leading specialists all over the world have been trying to solve for a long time. According to a widespread belief, constant being late is a symptom of various psychological problems. Correspondingly, you can stop being late only if you understand what is this habit based on, after which you try to…

  • Why Are Rumors Helpful?
    You & Society

    Why Are Rumors Helpful?

    Since childhood, we’ve been taught that spreading rumors is bad practice. That’s why we often condemn people circulating rumors. Yet, rumors make up a significant part of the surrounding world and may be rather useful. Of course, in the first…

  • Myths about Ukrainian Girls
    Ukrainian culture

    Myths about Ukrainian Girls

    Men all over the world dream of Ukrainian ladies. Yes, they are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and exceptionally feminine, but what do you know about them apart from this? Let’s analyze the most typical myths about Ukrainian beauties for you to…

  • Loneliness or a Toxic Ex?
    Relationship challenges

    Loneliness or a Toxic Ex?

    Loneliness isn’t always pleasant. It may happen that we feel so desperate that we are ready to engage in a past relationship. But provided it was toxic, we can only enhance our stress. Is it possible to resist this temptation…

  • Are You Dating A Psychopath?
    Relationship challenges

    Are You Dating A Psychopath?

    Sometimes, we feel at a loss since we cannot understand what has happened to a beloved person. Why did he become so rude, cold, and irritable if a relationship was perfect at the beginning? Ronda Freeman, a neuropsychologist, believes that…

  • Harsh Truth About Relationships
    Men & Women

    Harsh Truth About Relationships

    Not always love causes immense joy and happiness. Sometimes our ideal beliefs about this pure feeling hinder us to enjoy it… Stephanie St. Clair, a coach who consults couples with the most tangled relationships, is sure that to find true…

  • Relationship Facts To Know Before Marrying
    Men & Women

    Relationship Facts To Know Before Marrying

    It goes without saying that when we are in love, we hardly think about some scientific basis for our potentially happy relationship. We just blindly believe that we will live happily ever after because we are just a perfect match!…

  • 5 True Signs Of Genuine Love
    A lasting relationship

    5 True Signs Of Genuine Love

    Mystery, fear, adventure, desire, a feeling of life abundance – these are five reliable criteria that will help you understand whether love is genuine. How many times have we asked our friends stuck in a painful love relationship “Why are…

  • Love Or Friendship?
    A lasting relationship

    Love Or Friendship?

    Friendship and a romantic relationship have a lot of common features so that sometimes it’s very easy to mix up these notions. Where is this fragile boundary between love and friendship? Should you stay the best friends or make a…

  • How to Enchant Him
    A lasting relationship

    How to Enchant Him

    It goes without saying that at least once, every woman has wondered why some people are widely popular with the opposite sex, whereas others aren’t. Let’s try to find out these differences. In the first place, it should be mentioned…

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