How to Enchant Him
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How to Enchant Him

It goes without saying that at least once, every woman has wondered why some people are widely popular with the opposite sex, whereas others aren’t. Let’s try to find out these differences.

In the first place, it should be mentioned that one’s ability to fascinate and be interesting to others doesn’t depend on their appearance or the way they dress. Of course, the first impression is important, but people pay attention to these facts only at the initial stage of a relationship. Further on, people pay attention to one’s inner world.

How do you do it?

The first secret of enchanting people lies in energy and some peculiar features of a definite person. You need a special state of mind to get close to this. Favorites of the masses either possess this innate gift or acquire it through their life way. How to reach this state? Just believe that you are attractive, tender and beautiful. Work on yourself, love yourself, and it will work miracles!

The power of a glance and smile is the second secret. You have to consider flirt and communication as some game. The point is that it is always difficult to enchant a person we like, and exactly games make this process easier. A glance and a smile are typical signals people are sending to tell they don’t mind communicating.

Non-verbal means

  • Your glance should be fleeting; you should look directly into the eyes of a person you like and then take them off with a slight smile. Your smile is a disarming weapon that should be hardly noticeable.
  • Be joyful and not afraid to laugh. Men can eternally observe a happy woman. Even if his jokes don’t seem funny, laugh at them to conquer his heart.
  • There is a stereotype that men adore slim women. However, tastes differ, and the majority of men admit they’d prefer to spend an evening with a girl tasting steaks with him rather than that one timidly picking some salad from an almost empty plate. So, don’t be afraid to show your appetite. Hearty meals will definitely bring you closer!
  • Your posture and the way you held your head are also important. An aslant glance adds mystery to your image. Lips and legs are one of most sexual body parts; thus, communicating with a man you like, make them prominent.
  • Remember that a person with impeccable mimics isn’t as attractive as a person whose mimics corresponds with your traits. That’s why you have to be very attentive to the way your interlocutor behaves and copy their behavior.

Apart from non-verbal aspects of making a man like you, there are psychological aspects of enchanting as well.  

Psychological tricks

  • Learn to accept the man the way he is. Even mom’s favorite son has his strong and weak points. It is normal. Do not try to change him. Approve of him the way he is. Once he sees that you like him just for being himself, he will try harder to make you happier. If we feel we are appreciated, we will do more than asked.
  • Be grateful for the smallest favor. The more a woman demonstrates her gratitude even for petty things, the more a man sincerely wants to make her happier. This functions the opposite way, too. Once she starts taking the presented flowers or fixed shelves for granted, the man’s desire to continue doing the alike things for her starts fading away.
  • Admire him. His masculine power, his victories, and small achievements. Typically, women believe that men will become conceited if praised, but the truth is, the more women admire men, the stronger they become.
  • Prove that he is useful and you couldn’t have coped but for him. Men are born to be useful. So, show you really need him.
  • You don’t have to create an image you find hard to preserve. Much more beneficial is to remain yourself; in this case, you won’t have to put much effort trying to smoothen the difference between your true and imaginary self.
  • Give him as much freedom and space as he needs and never cling on him. You should show that your life is versatile and interesting by itself, and you don’t need him to make you happy. Your happiness should be your permanent inner state, with your partner just complementing it.

Play on instincts

The most important aspect is that your love has to be conquered. This is the main distinction from people who are the center of attention. We are always trying to show a person that we are better than we seem in reality. However, keep in mind that the less we want another person to like us, the more they like us. Don’t fight for attention, let another person deserve your glance, smile and love. At the same time, don’t overact. Being an Ice Queen may be a good idea, but once you play this role for too long, a man can decide to spend his time and efforts on less arrogant and more open woman.

Another reason why women shouldn’t act too decisively is that men are hunters by nature attracted by everything mysterious and not easily attainable. Bet you know that we don’t value things we get easily. The more effort we put, the more we value the result. Thus, a woman should never reveal all her secrets to a man hoping that he will appreciate such honesty. Indeed, men do appreciate sincere open-hearted girls, but once he learns to read you as an open book and finds he has solved you as a puzzle, he will start looking for other heights to conquer.

For this reason, you should always remain mysterious. Learn to always evoke his interest by not so frequent dates, not being available every time he suggests something, romantic surprises, crazy ideas, etc. Be spontaneous and ready to try something new with a man you like. Reveal your secrets gradually and make the fire of his passion glow brighter every time he finds out something new about you. Remember that while being with a woman, a man likes his state beside her. If he feels powerful, confident, and able to make a woman happy, he starts falling in love with her.         

So, my best technique to charm him?

  • Choose your potential victim and get acquainted by sending non-verbal signals such as smile and eye-contact. Don’t be afraid to make the first steps. Men adore feeling desired.
  • Start communicating in a friendly manner. Be humorous, happy, and always stay real. Subtly show a man you like communicating with him.
  • While communicating with a man you like, make him feel masculine (strong, useful, helpful, and able to defend such a helpless little girl as you).
  • Take care not to show you depend too much on him. Prove you are a self-sufficient versatile woman for a man to get interested in you.
  • Always stay mysterious and give him personal space.

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