Why Aren’t You Ready for a Relationship?
Relationship challenges

Why Aren’t You Ready for a Relationship?

There is hardly a person who hasn’t experienced the feeling of complete loneliness. In a moment like this, it seems that we are ready to give everything to meet anybody who will instantly solve all our problems. We imagine our sweetheart in all the details: handsome, intelligent, rich and many other criteria that are as nice as abstract. But are you ready for a serious relationship with a real man, not a prince from a cover, who you know nothing about? Thus, here are 5 signs that you are still not ready to meet a soulmate.     

Consider these facts

You are unhappy in your loneliness

If you are lonely and unhappy because of it, a relationship won’t make you happy. It is a grave mistake many people make believing that the world would get imbued with new colors once they start dating somebody. This scheme never functions since a relationship is just complementing our inner happiness.

You cannot engage in a relationship with an “empty” soul because another person you’ve decided to connect your life with also dreams of getting some emotions from you, and they are hardly dreaming about dismay and disappointment.

There appears harmony in a relationship only when you are comfortable with your being lonely. In other words, you are self-sufficient, you have friends, a job you like, hobbies and interests so that you won’t be a burden to your partner. The worst thing ever possible is frantic waiting. In the first place, women concentrated on the search of their second half, simply scare men off.

Secondly, even if a man dares to engage into a relationship with you, it won’t be as pink as you’ve dreamt. Why? Because a man is likely not to live up to your expectations. Finally, he doesn’t know that you need him only as a source of happiness. As a result, there appear disappointment, empty offences and, accordingly, a break-up is quick to come.    

The same scenarios of all your relationships

If the same story repeats over and over again, you break up the same way, a relationship is hard to be preserved, you need to analyze your model of behavior. A typical situation: many girls attract exclusively “bad guys.” At first, you believe that it’s all about bad luck, good men have disappeared, etc. However, let’s face the truth: you are the source of all problems, and if you dream about changes, start with yourself.

Unfortunately, our life is full of pain and disappointment so that everything we can do for ourselves is to try to use a negative experience for our own benefit. While you are accumulating offenses against the world, worrying about another unsuccessful love story, you keep beating about the bush. Mistakes exist for us to learn from them.

You haven’t forgotten your ex yet  

Well, this is one of the most common women’s problems: there are some feelings left for an ex-partner. This fact may give birth to several things at the same time. Firstly, you can subconsciously create a relationship just to forget an ex, feeling nothing for a current partner. Secondly, if you haven’t let your previous relationship go, you will subconsciously search for another man with the same flaws your ex has had. Thus, an old scenario will repeat, and you already know that old scenarios bring only bad luck.

Before you decide to immerse into a new adventure, let your previous experience go. Make sure it’s really over: ask yourself this question. Sometimes, we need a lot of time to forget about the past. It is very painful, you are overwhelmed with emotions and tormented with memories, but the end is final, you shouldn’t try to grasp a fragile shadow of happiness. Turn the page and start from the very beginning!    

You are building walls around you

You cannot find an appropriate man if you close yourself up inside 4 walls, both in direct and literal sense. As we know, we attract the things we think about; so if you are emotionally closed to all the world, life is likely to make you meet the alike “closed” people. It seems obvious that a relationship, in which both partners are not going to open up to each other, is doomed.

Without a doubt, it is really hard to start trusting others again after your heart has been broken. At the same time, this is the only way to feel a deep emotional connection. Being open doesn’t mean being naïve, but never let yourself become an “iron lady.” A person by your side must be sure that they can rely on you.

You want to change just to be liked by others

Once you’ve found out that you are ready to give up on your interests, principles and opinions for somebody to like you, you should finally focus on yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself, nobody can start loving you. Love for our own self is always primary. In this respect, wearing a mask is not the best variant.

Wondering why? Well, the point is that sooner or later your true self will be revealed in its naked beauty. You cannot pretend forever. Of course, sometimes it works – for example, you can pretend you are a self-confident beauty, men are typically attracted by such women, but…why not become such a type?

If you are not confident about yourself, you can never relax in a relationship. Do you really think that he truly loves you if you don’t love yourself? It will always seem to you that you are not good enough for him, not so clever, slim, etc. Once you will notice that he is more interested in other women, who are more beautiful and intelligent than you. But fears are materialistic, remember?

So, what should I do?    

If you realize that some or all the points mentioned above are true for you, the conclusion is obvious: you are not ready for a new relationship. However, there is a good piece of news – everything can be fixed. Your task is pretty simple: work on yourself to become strong, more confident, inspired and happy! Once you cope with this task, no worthy man will be able to resist your charm. 

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