Myths about Ukrainian Girls
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Myths about Ukrainian Girls

Men all over the world dream of Ukrainian ladies. Yes, they are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and exceptionally feminine, but what do you know about them apart from this? Let’s analyze the most typical myths about Ukrainian beauties for you to understand them better.  

Stereotypes about Ukrainian women

All Ukrainian women are gold diggers 

As one of western rumors has it, everything a Ukrainian girl or bride needs is rich foreigner’s money. Western men expect that these women are in a constant chase after luxurious presents and a pink dream they seem likely to incarnate for them.

Besides, some men also believe that Slavic girls’ beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies are nothing but a trap to lead them in a fraud.  However, let’s be reasonable here and appeal to our logical sense.

Undoubtedly, you cannot predict the future and the way your relationship will develop as time goes by. But you can and need to pay attention to the way a girl is communicating with you. If she is really after your money only, you will have a gut feeling that you shouldn’t trust her.

For example, it isn’t typical of Ukrainian girls to speed up a relationship because they really need some time to get to know you better and start trusting you. Thus, if you notice that a girl urges you to make presents, go on a common trip with her or come to her country as soon as possible, surely, that’s the reason to think about it.

Nevertheless, suppose you’ve come to your potential bride’s country and you’ve gone to a restaurant. It is a custom in Ukraine that men pay for ladies’ dishes and drinks as well as transport to get home; so, if she expects you to pay the bill, it is not because she is a gold-digger but because a man is considered a provider in a typical Ukrainian family.

In this respect, you should also remember that women in Ukraine are not that fond of feminism, and they stick to traditional family roles, with a man as the head of a family. Is it so bad to provide for a woman you love and your children? To support and protect them? These are typical men’s roles, and if you aren’t ready to take this responsibility by at least paying for your common meal or a taxi to bring her home, Ukrainian women are definitely not for you.

Finally, it should be mentioned that all people differ. Regardless of nationality, you can never be 100% sure about another person’s intentions unless your experience’s proved that they are reliable and trustworthy. As in any other country, some Ukrainian women may really be hunting you for money.

But to be on the safe side, you should learn about cultural peculiarities of Ukrainian women first and always appeal to your ratio while communicating with a definite girl. Another useful tip: take as much time as you need to learn her better; remember that a girl with serious intensions also needs some time to start trusting you. Although, don’t wait for too long; otherwise, a woman may think you are just playing with her.     

A Ukrainian girl will marry any rich foreigner

This myth is closely connected with the previous one. Despite the fact that a large number of Ukrainian women do marry a foreign bridegroom, do not think that every Ukrainian lady registered with a communication platform is going to marry the first foreign online interlocutor. Remember that Ukrainian ladies are well-educated, intuitive, and hardly naïve, so they will take their time to learn you well enough before making a decision to marry you.

Besides, keep in mind that women from Ukraine are mainly looking for a foreign partner because their relationship with Ukrainian men was unsuccessful. A decent partner absent from their native country, Ukrainian girls dare to risk and start looking for foreign happiness.

Exactly painful previous experience makes them more accurate and picky while choosing a potential partner from abroad.  Also, there are more women than men in Ukraine, so it’s another reason to seek a foreign bridegroom.

However, have no illusions that if a Ukrainian girl communicates with you and has agreed to meet you in person, she will agree to marry you the very moment you meet. She is not a soulless and headless beautiful doll, and she needs to learn how you behave in everyday life, cope with problems, treat other people, and so on. As you remember, there are more important things about you to her than your money.

Due to the fact that social and economic life in Ukraine isn’t that good, Ukrainian women are diligent, hard-working and able to handle difficult situations so that you don’t need to worry that they want to marry you just to change their life for better. Their ultimate goal is to find a genuine life partner, a soulmate if you wish.   

Ukrainian women have no goals and personality

Presumably, this myth has been made up by men who believe that beauty is shallow inside. However, this is not the case with Ukrainian women. No matter how stunning their appearance is, their inner world is much richer. Considering education a treasure, not a duty, they are well-educated and pay a lot of attention to self-development.

Ukrainian ladies’ personality is simply dazzling: caring, tender, and kind, they are strong at the same time and know how to deal with challenges on their way. Ambitious, persistent, diligent and hardworking, they set realistic goals and do their best to achieve them. Yes, they are excellent housewives and mothers, but that doesn’t mean that their interests don’t spread far beyond that!

For these reasons, Ukrainian women are looking for a worthy partner. Are you well-mannered, educated, goal-driven and confident? Are you strong enough to protect your woman from any hardships? As it was mentioned above, in Ukrainian culture, men are providers and protectors, so will you accept this responsibility?

Keep in mind that these ladies know their worth and won’t agree for less they deserve, so make sure you treat them with dignity and respect. Provided you do that, you will be rewarded with the most faithful, attentive and caring partner ever! You can always rely on your Ukrainian wife because she will never leave your side, even in the severest tempest. Besides, her sensitivity, intelligence and curiosity make her most attentive listener and appealing interlocutor.

They marry a foreigner just to leave their country

Well, it seems that in the light of everything mentioned above, it’s obvious that this myth has a little to do with reality. But let’s summarize the main points. Firstly, Ukrainian women are unlikely to marry an unworthy man, even if he is pretty rich. Secondly, they are used to earning a living in their country, and hardly any difficulties can scare them. Last but not least, their versatile personality and ambitions will never let them become mere housewives abroad.   

They are mainly scammers

This may be the case with some sites lacking reputation and their founders irresponsible people not caring about their customers. However, reputable platforms, like ours, pay immense attention to the process of verification of ladies’ profiles.

With us, you can be 100% sure that you are communicating with a real person since all interlocutors’ personal identity is manually verified by administrators of the site. No one of our girls can register with the site without providing their passport and signing piles of documents. For your convenience and pleasure, every member has a personal set of professional photos and videos.

Also, every participant has a lot of casual photos from everyday life proving they are real women.

Thus, as you see, for female members, the process of becoming a member of our communication platform is rather time-consuming, which implies that only honest women with serious intentions put effort into registering with us and looking for a potential match from abroad.   

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